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    1. 新概念雙語:《初代吸血鬼》Elijah演員喜當爹
      來源: 環球網校 2020-03-26 09:16:25 頻道: 新概念

      The CW's new spinoff series "The Originals" may be about Klaus and his unborn baby, but in real life, it's star Daniel Gillies' turn to be a father。

      CW電視臺出品的衍生劇《初代吸血鬼》劇情講的是Klaus和他未出世的孩子,不過在現實世界中,劇中明星Daniel Gillies真的當爸爸了。

      "The Originals" star, 37, has welcomed a baby boy with his wife Rachel Leigh Cook, E! reports. This is the first child for the "She's All That" star, 33, and Gillies。

      《娛樂周刊》報道,37歲的《初代吸血鬼》演員Daniel和妻子Rachel Leigh Cook迎來了他們的孩子,這是他們的第一個孩子。

      Gillies and Cook were married in August 2004. They first announced they were expecting a baby back in May, when Cook could no longer hide her growing baby bump。


      Congratulations to the new parents。


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