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    1. 新概念雙語:下班后的15件事讓你愛上生活
      來源: 環球網校 2020-03-27 09:19:11 頻道: 新概念

      It’s Friday and the start of a beautiful weekend! But if crashing on the couch starts to become one of your favorite things to do after work, eventually it gets a little old, especially if the sun is shining! Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is put down the remote and try something more healthy and useful. Check out this list of fun things to do after work you can do with family and friends (or get in some alone time!)。


      15 Things to Do After Work Today


      1. Go for a walk on your favorite trail or park1.在你最喜歡的小徑或公園里漫步

      2. Try a yoga class or yoga DVD2. 去瑜伽課堂或跟著DVD練習瑜伽

      3. Cook a new recipe for your family3. 為你的家人做一桌新式的菜肴

      4. Go for a bike ride4. 參加一次騎行

      5. Take a swim at the local community pool5. 在社區的游泳池里游泳

      6. Daydream about your next vacation6. 想想你的下一個假期

      7. Read a book with your kids7. 跟你的孩子一起讀一本書

      8. Plant a garden8.料理花園

      9. Start a blog9. 寫博客

      10. Go for a romantic sunset walk with your partner10. 跟你的伴侶一起欣賞一次浪漫的日落

      11. Take a bubble bath11. 洗一個泡泡浴

      12. Get a mani/pedi12. 做一次美甲

      13. Take your dog out for a run13. 遛狗

      14. Go out to dinner14. 出去吃一頓晚餐

      15. See a movie15. 看一場電影

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