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      With warmer months just around the corner, the summer internship hunt is now in full swing for college students across the US.


      You've done your research, hunkered down in the library to crank out the applications, endured the agonizing wait, and now you've finally heard back.


      The only thing standing between you and that coveted internship is the interview round.


      You want to prepare for the questions the interviewer will ask you, but don't overlook the importance of the questions you should ask to improve your chances of landing the job.


      "Asking questions is one of the very best interview strategies you can employ," says Bill Cole, author of "The Interview Success Guide" and founder of the International Mental Game Coaching Association.

      “問問題是你可以采用的一個非常好的面試策略。”《面試成功指南》的作者以及國際心理游戲指導協會創始人Bill Cole說道。

      "It demonstrates interest in the company, and hiring managers find it refreshing," he says. "They notice that many younger candidates tend to be either overly polite, waiting to be asked questions, or shy about asking questions since they view the hiring manager as the 'authority figure' and don't want to rock the boat."


      While it may feel more natural to leave your questions for the end of the interview, Cole recommends asking questions as you go. "By doing this, you can turn what can seem like an interrogation into a collegial, interesting conversation," he says.


      Here are five questions you can ask to set yourself apart in your next internship interview:


      1. What are some of the key skills and abilities necessary for someone to succeed in this position?

      1. 如果成功應聘這個崗位,需要具備哪些核心技能或者能力?

      If you ask this early in an interview, it can guide your entire strategy, Cole says. You can tell the interviewer how your strengths match up with what the company is seeking.


      2. If I get the internship, how do I earn top marks on my performance review?

      2. 如果進入實習期,我怎樣才能在績效評估中取得高分呢?

      This marks you as eager to reach for excellence. Everyone wants an ambitious new hire.


      3. Now that you know more about me, how do you think I can best help the company?

      3. 既然你已經對我有一定的了解,你認為我怎樣才能最大程度的幫助到公司呢?

      You want to know what the interviewer thinks about the fit, Cole says. The question also potentially reveals what he or she sees you working on in the position.


      4. Is there anything else I can answer for you? I want to be as complete as possible.

      4. 還有其他需要我回答的問題嗎?我想盡可能做到完整。

      You ask this to gauge the interest level of the interviewer and to get feedback, Cole explains.


      "They may say, 'There is one thing ...' and then you'll have a chance to respond to it in real time," he says. "As you ask this question, watch their facial expression and body language. That will tell you how they really feel about you."


      Debra DelBelso, director of the career center at Siena College, told Business Insider that if your interviewer is smiling and maintaining eye contact, there's a good chance your interview is going well.

      Debra DelBelso是錫耶納大學就業中心的主任,他告訴“商業內幕”,如果你的面試官面帶微笑并且和你保持眼神交流,那么你的面試極有可能進展順利。

      However, if the interviewer is crossing his or her arms, leaning away from you, or looking at the door, that might mean they're not impressed, career expert Lynn Taylor told Business Insider.

      然而,如果面試官雙臂交疊,靠向椅背,或者看向門的方向,那可能說明他們沒有被打動。就業專家Lynn Taylor告訴“商業內幕”。

      5. What can I do or provide for you when I follow up?

      5. 如果進入下一階段,有什么是我能做或者能提供給你的嗎?

      By asking this wrap-up question, you appear thorough, helpful, and willing to make sure nothing is left to chance, Cole says.


      What not to ask


      Cole says it's wise to refrain from asking any questions about benefits, time off, schedule accommodations, or other things that could be perceived as picky during an internship interview. "These 'custom requests' can seem presumptuous and be off-putting to the hiring manager," he says.


      Instead, focus your questions on the company.


      "If you do some research and ask unusual questions that others won't ask, this will mark you as clever, industrious, and willing to go the extra mile to get to know the company," Cole says. "You will be memorable."


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