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      1.He was eager to make some extra money, since during these years he could hardly live on his_______.

      a. little wage b. few wage c. wage d. wages

      2.Most of the houses in the village were burnt to ______ during the war.考生如果怕自己錯過考試報名時間和考試時間的話,可以 免費預約短信提醒,屆時會以短信的方式提醒大家報名和考試時間。

      a. an ash b. the ash c. ash d. ashes

      3.The students at colleges or universities are making ______ for the coming New Year.

      a. many preparations b. much preparation c. preparations d. preparation

      4.Paiting in _____ is one of their spare-time activities.

      a. oil b. an oil c. oils d. the oil

      5.In the view of the foreign experts, there wasn’t ____ oil here.

      a. much b. lots of c. a great deal of d. many

      6.The large houses are being painted, but ______.

      a. of great expense b. at a great expense c. in a lot of expenses d. by high expense

      7.The room was small and contained far too ______.

      a.much new furniture c. much new furnitures

      b.many new furniture d. many new furnitures

      8.Jim was late for two classes this morning. He said that he forgot both of the ______.

      a. rooms number b. room number c. room’s numbers d. room numbers

      9.Computers can do ______ work in a short time, but a man can not do ______ by himself.

      a great many…many c. much…a great deal

      b.great deal of…much d. many…a great many

      10.She didn’t know _____ he had been given.

      a. how many information c. how many informations

      b. the number of information d. how much information

      11.He invited all of his ______ to join his wedding party.

      a. comrade-in-arms c. comrades-in-arm

      b. comrades-in-arms d. comrade-in-arm

      12.All the ______ in the hospital got a rise last month.

      a. women doctors c. woman doctors

      b. women doctor d. woman doctor

      13.After ten years, all these youngsters became_____.

      a. growns-ups c. growns-up

      b. grown-up d. grown-ups

      14.The police investigated those _____ about the accident.

      a. stander-by c. standers-by

      b. stander-bys d. standers-bys

      15.The Nazi kept those ______ in their concentration camp.

      a.prisoner-of-wars c. prisoners-of-war

      b.prisoners-of-wars d. prisoner-of-war

      6.-Who is the lady standing over there?

      -I am not sure, but it may be ___ from the provincial government.

      A. everybody B. nobody C. somebody D. anybody

      7.We have been looking at houses, but haven’t found _____ we like yet.

      A. one B. ones C. them D. it

      8.For years, it was viewed as a serious problem, ________ that has never been really solved.

      A. one B. where C. it D. which

      9.There are many sales of mobile phones on www.taobao.com, and you can choose _____ based on your own interests.

      A. that B. each C. it D. one

      10.I know you want to borrow money but I have _____at hand myself.

      A. none B. no one C. few D. nothing

      1-5 CADBB 6-10 CAAAA


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