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      One Sunday,my family had gathered at my parents,house to feast upon Mom,s wonderful cooking. During the normal dinner chatter, I noticed that my father was slurring (說話含混)his words. No one mentioned this during dinner, but I felt compelled to discuss it with my mother afterward.

      We decided that there was something seriously wrong and that Dad needed to see the doctor.

      Mom phoned me two days later. “ The doctor found a brain tumor (腫瘤)• It,s too large at this point to operate. Maybe they can do something then,but the odds are long. ”考生如果怕自己錯過考試報名時間和考試時間的話,可以 免費預約短信提醒,屆時會以短信的方式提醒大家報名和考試時間。

      Even with the treatment, my father’ s condition worsened, and the doctor finally informed us that this condition was terminal. During one of his stays in the hospital, we brought our baby daughter Chelsey with us when we visited him. By this time he had great difficulty speaking. I finally figured out that he wanted Chelsey to sit on his stomach so he could make faces at her.

      Watching the two of them together, I realized I was living an experience that would stay with me forever. Though grateful for the times they could share,I couldn,t shake the feeling of a clock ticking in the background.

      On the visit to my parents,home during what we all know was my father,s last days, my mother took Chelsey from my arms and announced, “Your father would like to see you alone for a minute. ”

      I entered the bedroom where my father lay on a rented hospital bed. He appeared even weaker than the day before.

      “How are you feeling, Dad?” I asked. “Can I do anything for you?”

      He tried to speak, but he couldn,t make out a word.

      “I,m sorry,but I can’ t understand you,” I said.

      With great difficulty he said, “I love you. ”

      We don' t learn courage from heroes on the evening news. We learn true courage from watching ordinary people rise above hopeless situations. In many ways my father was a strict,uncommunicative man. He found it difficult to show emotion. The bravest thing I ever saw him do was overcome that barrier to open his heart to his son and family at the end of his life.

      1、Which of the following statements is TRUE?

      A. The writer accompanied his father to a medical examination.

      B. The writer,s father got worse after the removal of the brain tumor.

      C. The writer,s father had known about his illness before the writer discovered it.

      D. The writer was quick to notice the strange condition of his father.

      2、What does the underlined sentence “the odds are long” mean?

      A. It takes a long time for Father to recover.

      B. There’s little possibility for Father to recover.

      C. Father needs love and care from his family.

      D. They need a proper time to operate on Father.

      3、The father had never said “I love you” to the writer before because ________.

      A. he was not used to openly showing his emotions

      B. he was not so attached to the writer

      C. he thought there was no need to tell the writer

      D. he believed in strictness and punishment

      4、What does the writer attempt to tell us?

      A. Life is short, so live your life to the fullest.

      B. Don’t wait to see a doctor till it is too late.

      C. Bravely express your love for your family.

      D. We don’t often value health until we lose it.

      答案:1-4 DBAC


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