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      It ’s often interesting to take a look at some of the lists that arrive toward the end of the year such as top devices,best gadgets,most desirable high-tech gift and more. Apart from cell phones and tablets, and Apple and Samsung products, this year many other gadgets made it on the most wanted list from Yahoo Tech and the most searched list from Bing, com. Read on to find out what they are.考生如果怕自己錯過考試報名時間和考試時間的話,可以 免費預約短信提醒,屆時會以短信的方式提醒大家報名和考試時間。

      Wireless headphone

      Portable Bluetooth headphones represent the next evolution in headphone technology. If you have a compatible smartphone with Bluetooth,the obvious benefit is that you can get rid of the wires snaking from your backpack or pocket. Many of the wireless headphones in the market also have a built-in microphone for taking calls hands-free.

      Product to buy: Beats Studio Wireless

      Features: Signature look, and powerful audio performance with intensje bass and high- mid boosting, plus plenty of accessories.

      Price : 1898 yuan


      The primary advantage of a smartwatch over traditional watches is that they reduce how

      smartphone goes right to your wrist, and you can decide first if they are worth dealing with. Product to buy : Pebble smartwatch

      Features : Understated design, with easy setup and instant information, and customizable watch faces, plus syncs (同步)with Android or IOS.

      Price : $ 99 ( about 612 yuan)

      Portable Bluetooth speaker Bluetooth speakers are steadily growing in popularity because they let you take the party anywhere. They can be paired with your music device, and they are able to withstand incidental bumps. Though small in size, Bluetooth speakers provide a steady soundtrack for even the lengthiest bacchanalia (狂歡).

      Product to buy: Logitech UE Boom

      Features: Water and stain resistant, 360-degree sound, 15 hour battery life, with a variety of color patterns.

      Price : 1499 yuan

      Fitness band

      Basically, fitness bands are smartwatches without the watch. They keep track of your exercise progress and,at the same time,allow you to monitor vitals such as your heart rate, calories burned and amount of time spent exercising. Some even monitor your sleep patterns.

      Product to buy: Fitbit Flex

      Features : Long battery life ( five days),with silent vibrating alarm, and wireless

      syncing (同步)to smartphones. »

      Price : 898 yuan

      5、How much money is he likely to spend on some of the products if a man is an enthusiastic musical fan?

      A. 2510 yuan. B. 3397 yuan. C. 2397 yuan. D. 1510 yuan.

      6、Which of the following statements is Not True according to the passage?

      A. Tablets are on the most wanted list of high-tech products of this year.

      B. Beats Studio Wireless features plenty of accessories.

      C. Smartwatch and Fitness band are similar products to some extent.

      D. All the products can sync with Android or IOS.

      7、Which of the following words can best summarize the common feature of the above


      A. Wearable. B. Cheap. C. Android. D. Wireless.

      5-7 BDD


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