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      Lesson five first principles

      What do u learn about laura?Why were her parents so proud of her?

      Laura was a slim,dark-haired girl of fourteen. she was smart and a pupil at Green Valley Academy. Christmas Day was coming,laura wanted a ballerina dress as a gift from her parents to attend some parties. But when laura‘s mother told her about her father’s unemployment,she understood them and said she didn‘t care about presents or parties. During the time when the family spent Christmas Day at the farm,laura seemed to radiate happiness. It was laura’s obvious pleasure that had a wonderful Christmas Day. Therefore,laura‘s parents were proud of her.

      Lesson six The beauty of Britain

      Britain is a small but beautiful country .One of its charms lies in its variety with the territory of 240500 square kilometers,it has mountains,plains and lakes as other countries. Someone perhaps says that the mountains there are only mountains in miniature . Although those mountains are small,they all have the air of great mountains .Another characteristic of Britain is its happy surprise. A traveler will kept being pleasantly astonished by the landscape. On a rolling plain,you might suddenly noticed mountains with step slopes ahead. In a highly developed industrial district,he would see out of expectation a rough wilderness. But the most impressing would be the happy compromise between Nature and Man,country and city .This characteristic is obvious in suburbs where the inhabitants can not only enjoy the civilization of the city,but also live a comfortable country gentlemen‘s life .

      Lesson seven some meanings of authentic love

      In author‘s opinion,what does love mean?

      1. Love means I know the person I love. 2. Love means that I care about the welfare of the person I love. 3. Love means having respect for the dignity of the person I love. 4. Love means having a responsibility toward the person I love. 5. Love means growth for both myself and the person I love. 6. Love can tolerate imperfection. 7. Love is freeing. 8. Love is expansive. 9. Love means having a want for the person I love without having a need for that person in order to be complete. 10. Love means identifying with the person I love. 11. Love is selfish. 12. Love involves seeing the potential within the person we love.



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